The General Election is November 4th

WE CAN CHANGE the political landscape by showing both major political parties

that we will not accept candidates from either party who support abortion. 



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Gubernatorial Comparison

About pro-abortion Mark Schauer


 Lt. Governor Comparison


Right to Life of Michigan PAC endorses Bill Schuette for re-election as Michigan's attorney general in the November 4 General Election


Bill Schuette has a long career of public service including time in Congress, the Michigan State Senate, the Michigan Court of Appeals and most recently as Michigan’s attorney general.  Schuette’s opponent, Mark Totten, has been endorsed by Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan which means he opposes common-sense prolife laws.  Read more about our prolife Attorney General Bill Schuette.


National Right to Life Endorses Terri Lynn Land in Michigan State Senate Race

“Michigan voters will identify with Terri Lynn Land’s desire to protect innocent human lives – unborn children, and medically dependent or disabled persons,” said Carol Tobias, National Right to Life President. “They will be shocked to learn the extreme pro-abortion policies of her opponent, Gary Peters.”

Michigan's future looks bright with Terri Lynn Land for U.S. Senate  Terri Lynn Land's prolife position   

 Land vs. Peters on Life Issues     

About pro-abortion Gary Peters


The Right to Life of Michigan Political Action Committee (RLM-PAC) was established as the political action arm of Right to Life of Michigan with the express directive to endorse candidates for political office who, according to RLM-PAC bylaws and criteria, would be the best and most effective voice for the unborn.

RLM-PAC endorsements are non-partisan and based solely on RLM-PAC bylaws and criteria.  Detailed information on RLM-PAC endorsement criteria can be found at

Right to Life of Michigan Political Action Committee has made the following local endorsements:

  • 2nd Congressional District:  Bill Huizenga, incumbent U. S. Congressman (R)
  • 34th State Senate:  Goeff Hansen, incumbent State Senator (R)
  • 91st State Representative:  Holly Hughes (R)
  • Muskegon Commissioner 9th District:  Taleah Greve (R)
  • Muskegon Drain Commissioner:  David Farhat (R)
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A special message from Right to Life of Michigan President Barbara Listing

RLM President
Barbara Listing


When the general election comes up during a conversation, the most frequent question I am asked is:  What judges do you recommend?

Thankfully, I can share that the Right to Life of Michigan Political Action Committee endorses judges in the non-partisan section of the ballot.

Judges play an important role in our society. We need judges who respect human life.

I hope you will join me in voting for judges who have earned the Right to Life of Michigan Political Action Committee endorsement starting with the Michigan Supreme Court. Please vote for Brian Zahra, James Robert Redford, and David Viviano.

Brian Zahra

James Robert Redford

David Viviano

Our nation has a long history of voters who go to the polls to vote for a candidate or against another candidate based on a single issue. From the abolition of slavery to civil rights for African-Americans and women, people have voted their principles and have made a difference for the better.  Learn more about Single Issue Voting.
2014 Michigan Prolife Ballot Generator

RLM-PAC endorsements for the general election are ready to go!

Fill in the form & click "Generate My Ballot" for your own personalized list of Right to Life of Michigan PAC endorsed candidates.  You just need to enter your first & last name and then your street address to generate your personalized prolife ballot to take to the polls.


On Tuesday, November 4, prolife people need to show up at the polls in record numbers. Together, we can send representatives to Lansing and to Washington, D.C. who are committed to de-fund Planned Parenthood and protecting our nation's youth. 

 Learn more about Planned Parenthood

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It's that time of the year!  Each fall several area churches participate in our Life Saver Drive. 

During September and October, you have an opportunity to support our Muskegon life saving efforts.  Please see details on our drive.

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 Prolife Christmas Cards are available at our office. We have a beautiful assortment of prolife cards. You can stop by our office to browse, call us at 231 733-6300.  You are welcome to take cards to your church should others be interested in seeing them.

If you send Christmas cards, please consider your donation to Muskegon County Right to Life for prolife Christmas cardsChristmas is such a wonderful time to remind people of God's precious gift of life! 


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